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An intuitive approach to yoga to make it a practice for you.

Currently based in: Bandra, MUMBAI, India

1-1 classes offered online & in person.

The Intuitive Approach To Yoga

We live in a society of constant change. Our bodies and minds therefore need something different at different periods of our life to adapt to the changes we go through. This is why I teach Yoga as an Intuitive Practice of Active Listening. My classes are thus tailored to your body and your individual needs and goals. 

My mission when teaching yoga has and always will be to find a safe and kind space within yourself, both on and off the mat.


About Kavi

With over 4 years of teaching in Istanbul, The Netherlands, London and Mumbai, I have gathered a vast amount of experience in teaching for different bodies, abilities, flexibilities and mindsets.

Yoga is a practice which stems from India. Growing up in an Indian family with the same mantras and philosophies as practiced in Yoga, both practicing and teaching Yoga feels instinctive to me. 

-  BSc Cultural Anthropology and Developmental 
   Sociology, Leiden University
-  200HR Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training, Rishikesh
- 50HR Aerial Yoga Teacher Training
- 25HR Trauma Informed Yoga


Practice With Kavi

Explore different ways to do Yoga with Kavi


Online Classes

Take part in my pop-up 1 hour online classes from anywhere in the world. From Gentle Yin Yoga to an Energetic Flow, I've got you covered!


Private Classes

I love giving personalised 1-1 classes because I can give you, your body and your mind my full attention. Together we will build a practice which can be integrated in your everyday life, based around your goals.


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  • Free 15 minute consultation

  • Customized Class Plan

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Personalised Attention

  • Online or In-Person Classes in Mumbai

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''Kavi's class is one of the places I feel safest in! She has such nice energy and genuine care for her yogis.''

Mira Darazi

Designer, The Netherlands

''Her classes are perfect for relaxation and she offers such warm and positive energy that it’s impossible not to walk away feeling amazing!''

Anna Mackney

Team Leader, The UK

''Yoga with Kavi is quickly + easily becoming my favourite way to take care of my body. Kavi is not only an incredible & knowledgable teacher but also a beautiful person. Her caring nature shines through her guidance and i always feel so safe in her classes, whether they be in person or online!''

Jasmin Oudahar

Health & Wellness Coach, UK

''The session was magical, I felt in tune with my body and soul by just listening to her gentle instructions & accepting her support and help!''

Yara Allabban

Student, Istanbul

''In the past I thought yoga wasn't for me, but Kavi showed that I just hadn't found the right type yet!''

Thijmen Hasselt

Karate Coach, The Netherlands

''Yoga with Kavi is a life changing experience… Her classes are calming, empowering, inspirational and I always leave her class stronger, physically and mentally. The difference between yoga with Kavi and yoga with any other teacher is that she integrates not only her own spirit but also yours, while teaching. She is very experienced and professional. Oh and not to forget; her voice is so calming!''

Rozemarijn Demouge

Dance Teacher, The Netherlands


Snippets from some of my previous classes


Everything you need to know!

I have been teaching in the Netherlands for the last 3 years. Currently I’m based in Mumbai where I am teaching 1-1s but you will surely find me teaching across the world.

As I say to the MANY people who have asked me this, yoga is about being (or becoming) flexible in your mind. The body will follow.

India is where it all started, specifically in Rishikesh. Thus I recommend training there since yoga is a sacred practice channeled down through many generations in India, and its essence should remain as pure as possible. You can book a free call with me if you have any questions!

Yes! The last one was an Autumn Retreat with a Face Yoga Special. Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram for updates of when my next one is.. @yogawithkavi !

Yes, especially for retreats. I also create content on social media for brands that I love (wellbeing, travel, food or beauty related). DM me @yogawithkavi on Instagram with any requests.


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